BPSA Stocking Browns 2020

Once again working within the struggles of Covid-19 and provincial guidelines, the Bruce Peninsula Sportsmen’s Association strived through and had another successful day of fish stocking. With water temperatures a perfect match and the growing rate of our brown trout, Hatchery Manager Allan Suter decided to pull the trigger and do the first initial stocking of Brown Trout this year for 2020. Due to COVID restrictions the MNRF have given us more opportunities for stocking this year under our licensing agreement.

With the ups and downs of Covid-19, the Downs being that we did not get any rainbow eggs for 2020 and the upside we were able to hold our brown trout a little longer than normal allowing us to have larger sizes to stock, also decreasing the population of cormorants while stocking a little later this year. The brown trout averaged 7.5 grams in size which is close to double the normal size would be in late August. This will hopefully increase the survival rate and provide a better opportunity for catching these beauty’s in the future for our next generation. Once the fish had been stocked we stood by the marina and admired them freely dispersing amongst themselves and enjoy their new habitat.

Thank you to our small group of volunteers today for making this happen. On Saturday October 4th we stocked approximately 12,000 Brown Trout. After the fish stocking we graded the remaining fish in the hatchery to accommodate for better growth of the fish and set up for our next stocking adventure.

You can read more on the history of the hatchery here: History

To keep the program successful we need volunteers to feed the fish in the hatchery. If you would like to  help, become an member and please call Bruce Mallard at 519 534-1274. THIS FUNCTION IS REALLY IMPORTANT AND WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!  You must be a BPSA member to do this function.

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